After writing a few articles here, i think it is finally time that you get to know me better. So here we go.

This is me:

1. Style

Temporarily removed fofo and pirceng image autumn, sweater, and fall image nails, yellow, and vans image

I LOVE Mom Jeans, Vans, my nose piercing and big comfy pullovers. In winter I basically only wear pullovers. In summer I also like to wear dresses and skirts combined with some Doc Martens. I don't really wear heels or clothes that have big cut outs, and except for the piercing I also do not wear accessories often.

2. Food

food, nuggets, and Chicken image chopsticks and yellow image fruit, food, and orange image tea image

I absolutely love chicken. In every form. But espacially as chicken nuggets & in chinese/asian noodle dishes. When it is cold outside I drink a lot of (chai) tea, and around christmas I always start to eat thousands of oranges. In summer I prefer iced tea and strawberries though.

3. Colours

My favorite colours are yellow & light/pastell pink. I think you know how they look like, so I did not add a picture.

4. Books

the selection image book, harry potter, and autumn image

My favorite books ever written is the "Selection" series. I mostly read German books, and I don't know their names in English, so sadly I can not list them here. I also liked the HP series, altough I don't usually like to read fantasy books.

5. Movies & Series

bridget jones image Image removed alternative, famous, and gore image sarah hyland and modern family image

My favorite movie EVER is a 100% Bridget Jones. I think I watched it nearly thousand times. I also enjoy watching musicals (or movies with a good soundtrack / about singers) like Grease, Dirty Dancing, A Star is born or Mamma Mia. And of course these 'typical girl movies' like Mean Girls, Pitch Perfect, The Kissing Booth etc. And all the Disney movies.

I watch A LOT of series and I can not decide on a favorite one. But Modern Family & Black Mirror are VERY GOOD. I also loved Anne with an E, TvD, Jane the Virgin, RuPauls Dragrace and The Rain. There are many more and if you want an own own article about them give this article a heart so I know you are interested! :))

Last one: Music

Queen, Freddie Mercury, and rock image Image removed jade, leigh anne, and perrie image 5sos, luke hemmings, and calum hood image

I somehow only listen to bands at the moment? Where are the good solo artists? Just lately I discoverd 5Sos and their new stuff is INCREDIBLE. I've been a fan of 1D and Little Mix for a long time and I still love them. For a few months now I've been also regularly listening to Queen, Fleetwood Mac and The 1975.

_Well, I guess This is me!

I hope you liked the article & and if you did make sure to heart this one and check out my collection! :)
Love youuu :*