This is the first time i am writing an article, and it feels kinda good i have to admit.
First of all, forgive me for my writing skills. English is not my first language.
Second of all, the reason i'm writing this article is because i lately saw something that touched my heart..

You know those fashion campaigns where all those models look absolutely stunning? You question yourself if you will ever be that pretty or cool?
Well i do.
I sometimes find it disturbing to see how beautiful those models look. I know it is photoshopped but still, i am a bit jealous.

Getting back at the reason why i'm writing this article…

Of course it's nothing special that Rives Island launched a new fashion campaign. But this time they called it 'Labels are for Clothes'.
Do you get a sense where i want to go?
River Island features this campaign with people with various bodytypes and abilities. They used the power of fashion and magazines to make society more inclusive.

Take a look for yourselves at the beautiful models

If this isn't touching your heart, i don't know what will..