Chicago, IL. October 3, 2018.

jin, bts, and jungkook image
(not my pic lol)

BTS came 2 days to Chicago, unfortunately, I couldn't go to both since the tickets were so expensive. (One ticket for GA tried to sell for 2k on stubhub wth.) I ended up getting tickets for sec 306, in the back but I didn't care since I would still be seeing my sunshines! (For the second time, I also went to Wings Tour but I experienced a lot of different things in Love Yourself Tour lol.)

I got to United Center about 12pm with my friend and the first thing we went to was the LG station! Of course, there was a line but we didn't wait long. We waited about 15 minutes or so. When we were finally inside the tent for the LG station, they had a lot of cardboard cutouts of the boys. You could take pictures with them too. (I took a lot but im too shy to upload them :( lol)

The staff told us that they brought three BTSxLG phones from Korea. I got to test one out and now I want one more than ever!
When you were done taking pictures and admire all the stuff they had, outside there was a drawing going on. Inside a box they had one pink ball, one yellow ball, and a lot of blue balls. The pink got you a picture with a hologram of BTS, a yellow one you got to send a 25 second message to BTS, and blue you got nothing :(
Me and my friend got the pink ball! (My friend got a pic with Tae, I got a pic with Yoogi... I still cry) We went 7 more times to the LG studio and did the drawing as well just for fun, the staff eventually recognized us... lol. "You guys again? Aren't you tired of this? - the staff to me and my friend lol, they said it in a playful manner, the staff was super chill and also made friends with ARMYs. Literally every time we were in line we would talk to new random ARMYs, they were all so friendly and nice. ♥

Finally... We were in line to go inside the stadium... Unfortunately we didn't sit together :( But once again! I met a new ARMY, the girl sitting next to me befriended me! We kept on talking 'till the show started! Our ARMY bombs changed color from white to red (version 3 has this bluetooth so the staff controled the colors for the whole concert!)
All of a sudden BTS popped up and IDOL started playing! I couldn't have been happier

The pictures below are mine!(:

army, bts, and park jimin image army, bts, and lyt image army, bts, and lyt image

I have a lot more, but these are my favorites. Magic Shop was my favorite that they played, mostly because I got to chant "I'll show you" whenever BTS sang "So show me" ... I actually cried, lol. I also loved Answer : Love Myself, I also cried in that one and now I cry in my car whenever I listen to it because BTS shows me I have reasons, I should love myself

Everything was great, I wish it could last forever :( ♥ Best believe I will go to their concerts again and again. I got so many photo cards that day, some were free, some I had to buy lol. If you want my twitter is @/kinkybaozi lol, I have a few pics of the concert, my pinned tweet is the video of Answer : Love Myself and below that I believe I have a video from Wings Tour of Yoongi's part in Cypher 4 lol.

'Till next time!! Sorry if it's long or not detailed enough or confusing. Hope you liked! ♥