I see everything, I feel everything.
Every moment and every experience I feel with everything I have.
Moments and experiences that I can't seem to escape because I yearn for the extraordinary.
I live inside my head, my head is filled with moments and experiences that will never happen, but also ones that can happen, I long for them.
I am not ordinary, which means I can't settle for the ordinary.
I am yet to find the thing that forces me to move out of home, out of my little shelter that I keep cosy inside my head.
Whether that be a person or an experience, I am yet to find it.
I'd be lying if I said I am not searching for it.
But I'm also waiting for it to come to me, I'm stuck in a dead end street and I'm waiting for someone or something to come down my road.
I do want someone to look at me like they completely understand who I am, to bring in the boxes and help me move out of my shelter, so I can live.
But, I also want to experience every inch of the world.
I want to stand at the highest points, drink the darkest of reds, eat the sweetest of treats, feel every emotion and every experience and not have a single thought to hold me back.
Yes, it is my blessing and my curse to feel everything.
But I wouldn't want to be anyone else.
One day I am going to find someone who sees me, who wants to share my moments and experiences.
And it'll be everything that I see inside my head.
But right now I'm going to travel outside my shelter, I'm going to try and live away from my home.
Because life is nothing without our moments and experiences to look back on, they keep us wanting more.
I am more then meets the eye.
I've got a burning love that keeps me warm, and I don't ever want to let that flame burn out.