hi it's me again and i know i haven't written in a while, i've been dealing with depression and getting used to school, but im back and here to give tips on how i deal with my anxiety. I suffer from mild general and social anxiety, so here are just a few things that help me when i get anxiety attacks.

1. talking about it to my parents, best friend, or therapist - talking it out is honestly the best way for me to calm down. at first, it was really scary for me to talk about it, i thought i was burdening people with my problems, but in reality, i was helping myself and my family understand what was happening so i could get the help i needed.

2. (if they're not around) calling a best friend or parent - i use this when i'm at school, home alone, or out by myself and i have no one to talk to face to face. i keep all my "emergency contacts" on speed dial so they're always easy to call.

3. listening to music - music is always therapeutic for me and is a quick easy way to distract my mind and calm down.

4. looking at memes - i know it's a bit of a weird one but it's just another way to distract my mind and make me laugh.

5. taking a shower/bath - sometimes i find being alone and the warmth of shower or bath comforting, it makes me feel clean and clear-minded.

6. letting it out - sometimes, even though it sucks, you just gotta let it all out.

7. removing yourself from the situation - another simple way to help prevent any further damage, is to just walk away.

extra ways to help (these don't really help me personally) :

- reading a book
- deep breathing
- going for a walk
- writing it out
- using a mantra
- turning off your phone
- aromatherapy (lavender, chamomile, etc.)

easy things you can do to prevent/calm anxiety in general:

- avoid caffeine
- avoid alcohol
- taking meds
- eating regularly
- staying hydrated
- getting enough sleep

so that's it, i really hoped this helped cause i know how much anxiety sucks. please remember to take care of yourself and your mental health. if you are struggling go get the help you need whether it's a parent, friend, counselor, therapist, hotline, relative, etc. talk to someone. also, my messages are ALWAYS open for people who need or want to talk <3

- claire