So, I recently just started coming back on this website to discover these new article feature!
As I was reading other peoples articles, I got inspired to write my own! :)

Day One: List Ten Things That Really Makes You Happy

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I kind of have an obsession with coffee. I need to almost everyday, if I don't have it then I am in a bad mood until I get caffeine in my system
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I am going to sound like a complete nerd but I LOVE my law class. I'm extremely passionate about law. My dream job is work in jails with adult or young offenders.
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Xanax plays a big role in my life. Both good & bad. I was first introduced to the drug by my ex boyfriend, who sold them. I was having an anxiety attack and he told me that it would calm me down. I started getting addicted to it from grade 11-12. I still take them every once in a while.
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My 3 best friends means the whole world to me. I met the first one in grade 9 in family studies class but I always thought she was a bitch (she thought I was one too LOL) It was not until grade 12 where we actually got to know each other and found out we were a lot like each other.
The second one I also met in high school through my ex boyfriend.
Lastly, I met my third best friend though an online argument and we slowly became friends. Now I tell her everything and she means the whole world to me