I was thinking on doing this article at some time, but it's seems like I wanted to write a little today ^^

Well the content of this article like the tittle says are my 10 favorite anime girls, more commonly know as waifus.

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Internet describes a waifu as a fictional female character from non-live-action visual media (typically an anime, manga or video game) to whom one is attracted.

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Well after all this this technical introduction, LET'S START :D


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The girl standing in the blush of dawn. A very strong and powerful princess who fights for justice and peace.

9.-Kawamoto Hinata

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Hina-chan is a very strong girl, a sunshine, works very hard and has a lot of determination.

8.-Celty Sturluson

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She is so awesome, cute, lovely and I LOVE HER HELMET >o<


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The powerful, amazing and fantastic member of the Fanalis tribe.


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Phos is technically a gem.... and they don't have gender... but I think of her as a girl. She's cute, crazy and I love her design.

5.-Hatori Chise

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I love Chise so much. She is a great character who had to change her way of see the world and start to love the people around her ^^


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Kino is very stong, intelligent, brave and fantastic. Also I really love her vision of the world.

3.-Mavis Vermillion

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I really love her kid-personality and her past is so tragic but also very romantic.

2.-Uraraka Ochako

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Sincerelly I love Ochako's personality so so much. Her fight on the sport festival was so amazing and I love how she changed the meaning of the name ''Deku'' so so so so much.

1.-Shima Rin

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(OMG I'M SURE YOU DIDN'T KNOW THIS SPOT) Well what to say, It's my beloved, cute, lovely, amazing, cute fantastic, adorable, cute, kawaii RIN-CHAAAAAAN!!!!!!

Well that was all my fangirling for now, thanks for reading ^^
I'm planing on doing a boys version too so wait for it ;)