Hello hearters, today I decided to do this article. It's very intersting and I love music so let's start.

A. Amensia (5SOS)

black, Lyrics, and song image 5sos, calum hood, and luke hemmings image

B. Breathin (Ariana Grande)

girls, pretty, and sweetner image girl, lyric, and music image

C. Cry me a river (Justin Timberlake)

00s, cry me a river, and music image Best, cool, and cry me a river image

D .Despacito (Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee - Remix ft. Justin Bieber)

JB, latino, and Lyrics image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

E. E.T (Katy Perry)

Temporarily removed et, perry, and love image

F. Fall (Justin Bieber)

quotes, fly, and fall image justin bieber and bieber image

G. Girls like you (Maroon 5)

music, music video, and Lyrics image adam levine, Hot, and tattoo image

H. Hall of fame (The Script)

hall of fame, Lyrics, and music image happiness, citações, and inspiration image

I. I'm a mess (Bebe Rexha)

fav, loser, and music image album, clothes, and hair image

J. Just the way you are (Bruno Mars)

celebrity, concert, and dancer image amazing, quotes, and bruno mars image

K. Knew Better/Forever boy (Ariana Grande)

aesthetic, black, and luxury image Temporarily removed

L. Let me love you (DJ Snake ft Justin Bieber)

Image removed Temporarily removed

M. Most girls (Hailee Steinfeld)

Image removed hailee steinfeld, girl, and Queen image

N. New Rules (Dua Lipa)

alone, black and white, and drunk image Temporarily removed

O. One kiss (Dua Lipa)

hair, live, and performance image celebs, famous, and isaac image

P. Purpose (Justin Bieber)

boy, hair, and muscle image purpose, justin bieber, and quotes image

Q. Queen (Shawn Mendes)

music, love, and shawnmendes image shawn mendes, music, and flowers image

R. R U Crazy (Conor Maynard)

Image removed Image removed

S.Summertime sadness (Lana del Rey)

lips, kiss, and lana del rey image Image removed

T. There's nothing holding me back (Shawn Mendes)

couple, hands, and Lyrics image Image removed

U. U smile (Justin Bieber)

justin bieber, beliebers, and beautiful image justin bieber, justin bieber wallpaper, and justin bieber u smile image

V. Viva la vida (Coldplay)

coldplay, 🎉, and frases image coldplay, Chris Martin, and viva la vida! image

W. What do you mean (Justin Bieber)

Image removed aesthetic, header, and what do you mean image

X. X(Chris Brown)

Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Y. You belong with me (Taylor Swift)

taylorswift image fashion, love story, and Prom image

Z. ..

That*s all for this article.I hope you like it. See you soon.

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