Will come to this day
Life has taught me a lot.
I miss the smile of the past.
Think of happiness in the past.
Laughter of the self.
Bright smile

From day to month, from month to year.

I never kept those happy.
I let it come and let it go.
The things I have kept, but the suffering.

Sometimes i learn But not always.
As if selfish

When I fall I will spell "patience"
Then everything will pass.

There will be new things going on. When old things are gone
I hope my self Be patient and strong

Today, more than yesterday.

I thank my body and mind.
That also pulls me up from under the ocean.

I will release the suffering and keep the happiness.
Continue walking carefully.
To see the value of life

My life, I will love and create good things for myself.

Happy my birth day

Oct. 17, 2018