At night the alarm clock rang and it awoke me. In the middle dreaming I was horrifield what's going on.
- 4:40 good morning, you must go to university. Hey honey, you get ready to five- hour journey. Oh gosh!

I arrived and hurried to the lesson. We were teaching about statistics and probability. I don't why we learn it, becauce our field of study is physiotherapy. It's little funny, but I dont'n know what I will talk about on the exam because I don't understand it. We don't understand nothing that the professor tells.

Professor turned to the blackboar and he began to draw charts.
In the first bench some boy packes his things in a backpack and he wanted to leave. He went upstairs to the exit door, but when he was almost halfway through, some other guy shouted: Hey John, where are you going? Lesson isn't over yet!
Professor turned to us and he began laugh.
The lecture room was full of laughter. I didn't see boy's face, who wanted to leave, but I think his faces had to turn red. My face would definitely reddish if this situation happened to me.

When we have to be on the statistics lecture, there will be everyone!

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