Hi, beautiful people!
I've gone through music I like, now it's time for some of my favorite tv shows. Before doing that, I should let you know what type of series I'm most likely to watch :)
If you haven't checked my previous articles, please do, they might me helpful for you.

So this is my kind of tv shows:

- crime / detective
- mystery
- psychological
- drama
- thriller
(and horror or comedy bits in them, I don't mind it)

1) The Mentalist

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Now, this is such an incredible series, with lots of plot twists and intense scenes, the main character bringing a sparkle of humour into the show. The Mentalist is a hunt after Red John, a serial killer, but who is he actually? Watch it to find out, you will not be disappointed.

2) Lie to me

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Just thinking about this show makes me nostalgic, it's the first one of this genre that I've ever watched and also it influenced me to learn more about psychology and to become a psychologist in the future, a goal that's still alive in my brain, so you can understand what an impact Lie to me has on me. If you're into psychology, gestures, behavior, humans, body language, this is for you!

3) Sherlock

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Can we just appreciate the intelligent British brains that brought this awesome show to us?! I've read the original Sherlock Holmes book series, well, not all of them and seeing the screening makes me so intrigued, it's very well made, absolutely breath taking. You will not regret watch the incredible Benedict Cumberbatch playing with so much passion this role!

4) Breaking Bad

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Yes yes yes!! I don't think there's a more powerful tv show than this one. It's been a couple of years since I've finished it and I remember I was absolutely obsessed with it, not leaving my room the entire day just so that I can know what happens next, and next, and next.. (not a really good thing tho) Anyway, it's exceptional, the suspense will drive you nuts.

5) Bates motel

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And the final one for today! I'm currently watching it, I'm on season 3 and it's actually really good, the behavior change of the main character is so interesting. Bates motel is a family business in White pine bay and since the small Bates family moves there, their life takes different turns, weird things happen, the over protective mom is slowly but surely killing the human parts of her son who can't take it anymore, freedom is more than wanted. Wish me luck, I'm going to watch it right now ;)

I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any tv show suggestions or recommendations, ideas for posts or even if you liked it or not, please let me know. Part 2 coming soon.

Thank you so much for taking your time. Stay positive. Have a nice day!!

Much love, Christine Xx