Hello Hearters, I'm back with another article. I got the inspiration from the article below. Anyways let's get started.

I want to be healthy and happy

I'm already sort of healthy but I would like eat better, work out, have a consistent amount of sleep and good mental health. Hopefully these goals help me become happier.

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I want to travel

There's so many places I want to visit around the world as well as experience a variety of cultures first hand. I would like to meet different people.

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I want to have my own apartment/house

I've grown up in a bigger house and the maintenance is a pain in the neck. So I'd want my own place thats on the smaller side. Also I enjoy interior design/decorating, so I'd like to have my own place to decorate and make my own. I want the colour scheme to be black, white, grey, gold and brown. If i'm living with someone I hope that they're not only a good roommate who I can be friends with but they also keep it interesting whether its pranks or doing shenanigans etc.

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I want to have a good group of friends

I want to be surrounded by genuine people that I care about and that care about me. People that you just love being around all the time and that truly care about you, I want to be surrounded by those people.

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I want to have my dream pets

I would like to have a small corgi beagle mix puppy named Apollo and a fluffy persian kitten named Evie.

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I want to live abroad

I said earlier that I would like to experience culture first hand but I feel like i'd have to stay in a different country to fully experience that. Sometimes you don't get to experience everything in a different country during on trip.

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I want to live somewhere exciting

I grew up on the countryside where there isn't really a lot to do. So I'd want to live somewhere where there's a lot to do.

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I want to figure what I want to do with my life

In college I did an esthetics program and there's a lot of career possibilities with the esthetics industry. So i'd want to know what career path i'd want to take.

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I want a couple of tattoos

I don't have any tattoos right now but i'd want some small dainty tattoos. I'd probably want 3 or 4 tattoos in areas that aren't that painful because i'm a wimp.

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