i write the things feelings you can't put into words
on those nights where the tears pour out of your eyes the way your bottle pours alcohol
during those classes where your eyes feel like a river frozen over and your mind is somewhere else
walking home in the summer breeze where you feel that feeling, the one you crave and a smile crosses your face as you try to grasp hold of it
the feeling of despair when you lose someone
and the anger, oh the anger, the indescribable anger
when the pen shakes in your hand and words cannot say the every single thing you want them to and the storm inside you builds stronger and stronger

i write, for you, so you can have these things somewhere and a small peace can come to you
the way it comes when the rain falls lightly on your roof
and how the sunset's colours light up the sky before night falls
you'll find peace in these and you'll find peace within your feelings in words

i write for you, i write for the world, for a sense of peace

- i write for you, a piece of every one of you lies in every poem where you feel you can relate.

(ps. this in no means says you cannot write, i do not doubt that every single one of you can create something beautiful with your words, it's just sentences that came to me and i made this.)

please check out my other articles, it really means a lot to me, i hope you enjoy them!

i hope you have a good day, smile a lot and enjoy yourself! you're beautiful inside and out <3