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Hi! I've been a huge disney fan for a while now and i've also been thinking about writing an article about something related to disney, his tag was the perfect thing!

Let's have some fun with this Disney Tag!

Favorite Movies

Inspiring Image on We Heart It mulan, disney, and breakfast image aladdin, disney, and love image disney, beauty and the beast, and princess image Temporarily removed disney, atlantis, and kida image Image removed Image by Vio
Enchanted- Mulan- Aladdin- Beauty and the Beast- Lilo & Stitch- Atlantis- Tangled- Zootopia

Favorite Heroines (no princesses)

zootopia and disney image
Image removed animal, beautiful, and disney image disney, funny, and girl image disney, mulan, and mushu image cartoon, disney, and gif image tinkerbell image
Judy Hops- Pocahontas- Esmeralda- Kida- Mulan- Megara- Tinker Bell

Favorite Heroes (no princes)

animation, disney, and galaxy image atlantis, disney, and atlantis: the lost empire image
Jim- Milo

Favorite Princesses

disney, belle, and beauty and the beast image disney, rapunzel, and princess image
Belle- Rapunzel

Favorite Pixar Movie

boo, monsters inc, and disney image toy story and REX image
Monsters inc- Toy Story 2

Saddest Moments

simba, the lion king, and disney image movie, quote, and inside out image
disney and stitch image

Favorite Villains

101 dalmatians, 1961, and animation image cartoon, disney, and disneychannel image
Cruella de Vill- Hades

Best Kiss

gif image
disney, kiss, and beauty and the beast image

Best Soundtrack

gif and emperors new groove image
disney, gif, and tarzan image
disney, tangled, and rapunzel image
dance, disney, and esmeralda image
Temporarily removed
disney, gif, and pocahontas image

Thanks for reading!!