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No matter where you are or what you do, I'm sure you know these two concepts; "Chanel" and "quotes".
Chanel is not admired solely for her insanely expensive yet beautiful clothing, but her lifestyle. I could bet that you've seen many Chanel life quotes flying around in our We♡It collections and I would win that bet. However, for most of us, just like any other quotes, they fly right in and get forgotten right away.
Whenever, we hear something, most of the time we do not give much thought to it. We collect it and move on. The image gets forgotten with the next double tap.
I believe, that there for is a certain wisdom in Chanel quotes that should not be forgotten. Otherwise, she would not be Chanel.
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If you are sad,
if you have a heartache—put
on lipstick and ATTACK.
This is somewhat of a fake it till you make it quote. Whenever we feel sad, we tend to wallow in our sadness. I personally look like a walking dead when I'm going through a hard time. However, it is important not to forget to love yourself when the time is tough. If the whole world is against you, at least you should be the one to stand by your side. Don't forget who you are. Despite what anyone thinks of you, despite what you think of you at that moment, remember you are a queen, dress like one! take a shower, don't stay up crying, sleep, put on some lipstick, most expensive high heels that make you feel like Beyonce, and go at it. Don't forget your value.
Or you can put on a tiara, a fur coat, grab a can of diet root beer and pretend you're Shane.
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Fashion changes, but style endures. - COCO CHANEL
This one is so true. No matter what is trending right now, you should have your own style, because trends will come and go, but your style is how you say who you are.
Always dress like you are going to meet your worst enemy today. - COCO CHANEL
Clothes can provide confidence. Never leave the house if looking in the mirror you don't want to go DAMNNNNNN.
Make heads turn, say your word and make a statement. Plus show all those haters how damn fine you are, and that no matter what they say you're gonna be at your best.
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The best color in the whole world, is one that looks best on you. - COCO CHANEL
Don't wear something just because it's trendy. Trends don't look great on most people and I can't even tell how many times I've seen a girl ruining her look by wearing something trendy that doesn't compliment her body whatsoever. Wear what looks best on you, that way you can actually look amazing.
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And my favorite yet...
Keep your heels, head, and standards high. - COCO CHANEL
Don't settle, ever. You will find whatever you are looking for if you keep looking. If you settle you will be unhappy. Be confident and keep your head up high, and heels because they look amazing.
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Hope you liked this -Angelinpurgatory