Hi Guys! I write some articles and I think I should write an article about me. My Style ,what I love etc.
I hope you will love it.

My real name:

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My real name is Barbara and when I do my We heart it page I don't really love my name so I choose another one wich is Bianka. Which do you like the most? Now I love most my real name...

I am from...

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I am from Hungary which is a small country in the middle of Europe.

How old I am?

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I am 18 years old now. And I was born in July 7.


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Now I don't have any pet. But I would love to have a dog.

Do I have siblings?

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Yes, I have 2 little siblings. And they are twins. I am 13 years older then they but I really love them.

My sign in kindergarten:

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Ballons. I was going to three diffeent kindergarten and I have more and more ballons in my sign. I love it. ♥ In the end I was have three ballons.


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Like you can see in my profile picture I have long dark brown hair. My eyecolor is maybe green (?) I don't really know. Sometimes it's green, Somethimes it's brown... I have a hourglass bodyshape and I am really tall.


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I think I am a kind person with optimism. I make laugh people because I love hear that they are happy.


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Compfy and sometimes elegant.

Boy friends or girl friends?

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I feel myself better with boys.


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I love reading,painting, and being with my friends

Do you smoke?

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No. I tryed it but i don't like it...

Thats all. I hope you love it.