Writing this because i'm in a mood tonight and some people need to hear these things...
I think these are important. :)))

1. Trust even when its hard. I cannot stress this enough. You don't get anywhere by pushing them away. You continue to make yourself sad.
2. If someone hurts you, let yourself cry for a while. But realize that happiness does not depend on them, and you need to keep going, leave your past alone.
3. Not everyday is gonna be a good day, don't judge yourself Accept who you are. The way you feel each day is valid:)
4. I swear things will be ok:)
5. Show love more often. Tell your friends/family how much they mean to you constantly. They're gonna need to remember that on their bad days.
6. Let yourself feel so much because it's what makes you beautiful :)) Love people with your whole heart.
7. Don’t forget who you are, and what you are worth. You are worth everything and you deserve the world.
8. Make new friends, and don't hold back feelings for people, because your gonna look back one day and remember all the good memories and feelings you felt, and you won't be mad about them.
9. Don't ever feel bitter about someone you used to know. They gave you happiness at some point and that’s the person to remember. They still deserve happiness.
10. You'll find your person one day:))
11. Little things matter so much, appreciate every single one of them.
12. Do anything you want. Seriously. What people think isn't ever gonna matter.
13. Do things that scare you, you'll usually be happy with the outcome.
14. Appreciate sunsets and stars // Go outside at night more:))
15. Make yourself go do things. Hang out with people and make memories. Take pictures and write more so you can look back on things later. It’s the best feeling.
16. Don't grow up too fast because it sucks sometimes. Give yourself a year to be reckless in high school, I promise its one the best years usually.
17. Sometimes you'll feel like rushing things, don't. What's meant to be will be. If someone is supposed to be (or wants to be) in your life, it will be.
18. "See the light in people & treat them as if that's all you see." Omg I saw this the other day and I loved it so much because every single day people want to be seen as 'worth it' or 'having something special about them'. And it's just so important to see people as so much more. Look at people and see what makes them special because everyone has a side of them that you don’t see, thoughts you don’t hear and things they love that you never knew about. That’s what makes them so special. The little things.
You. Are. Worth. It.