heyyy. so, i've seen this tag go around a lot and i really enjoy reading them, so i thought i would give it a shot myself hihi. but, i have a disclaimer tho', this isn't the typical k-pop idol. this is all made up, and most likely a k-pop idol wouldn't be able to live like this. anyways, i hope you guys like it<3

basic info:

birth name: kim ah-ran ( ๊น€์•„๋ž€ )
stage name: rany
birthday: 31st December 2002
birth place: oslo, norway
nationality: korean
star sign: capricorn
siblings: only child

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height: 160 cm
weight: 50kg
eye color: brown
hair: brown

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positive traits:

-full of energy

negative traits:

-loves drama
-does drugs
-what are rules? we don't know them

interests & skills:


-loves to have fun with friends

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-has an amazing voice
-quick learner
-can play the guitar and piano


street style

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talk shows/interviews

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award shows/red carpet

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on stage

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group name: fire
position: maknae, main vocalist
debut: january 2017 - 2018
agency: sm entertainment
fandom name: fireflies
fandom color: black & red
music genre: r&b and pop
popular songs: chase me, i like that, alone, canvas & lonely
members: 3 (they were 5, two of them died in a car accident)

  • bella
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name: Isabella Duran
etnicity: korean and hispanic
d.o.b: 27th january 2000 - september 2017
position: visual, rapper

  • zee
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name: park si-yeon
etnicity: korean
d.o.b: 21st june 1999 - september 2017
position: leader, lead rapper

  • mina
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name: kim mi-yeon
etnicity: korean
d.o.b: 22nd november 1999
position: vocalist, dancer

  • bora
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name: park bo-ra
etnicity: korean and chinese
d.o.b: 7th august 2001
position: main dancer, vocalist


debut: January 2018
agency: happy face entertainment
fandom name: ranys
fandom color: black
music genre: r&b & pop
popular songs: some, fire, i'm okay, galaxy & babe


with u - with samuel
you in me - with j.seph & bm

idol friends:


gg, girlfriend, and icon image Image removed momoland, kpop, and Nancy image gidle, icon, and kpop image
taeyeon, jennie from blackpink, nancy from momoland & yuqi from g-idle


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jinyoung from got7, winwin from nct, vernon from svt & minhyuk from monsta x


ex: kim samuel

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my first love

boyfriend: jeon jungkook

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social media:


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^-^. hope you guys liked it hihi.