Hey beautiful people!! As everyone knows, autumn or fall (as you prefer) is starting. So, here I am with my very first article from the fashion series: fall lookbook!

Also, where I live it's quite warmer! It shouldn't be but...the weather is just crazy. That said if some of the outfit suggestions come off as more spring-ish, I'm sorry~ But you can adjust to your climate!

Enough of talking, let's move on to the lookbook! I hope you enjoy this and get some inspiration for yourself ~


✧ Casual ✧

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Wear a oversized flannel shirt or a cardigan along with a white t-shirt. Use high waisted jeans so you can tuck your shirt into them and you can wear sneakers or high heel boots.

✧ Layering dresses ✧

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Pretty much self-explanatory and so cute! Pick one of your summer dresses and layer it with a long sleeved shirt. To be more comfortable and warm, wear tights and pair with boots.

✧ Long coats ✧

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Pratical and warm! You can pair it with a dress for a more elegant look or style it with jeans and a shirt, blouse or turtle necks for a casual look. There's a lot of options!!

✧ Mesh Sweaters ✧

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When it gets a little bit colder, you can wear a mesh sweater and pair it with jeans. It's super simple and casual but you'll look super cute and warm!

✧ More inspo ✧

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Here's some more inspo for you! There is many ways that you can style your clothes. One good tip is: layering! That's the key to be warm and look stylish as well!


xoxo, グラシア