Hi Amores!! Today, I want to write the article about national coming out day, and also I want to tell you how I am coming out.

My history begins when I met a girl, her name is Abril, we were friends. Every day, we told and we laughed. I denied myself that I felt things for her because I believed that I wasn't lesbian, also I knew that being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, etc. was complicated because the society doesn´t have it completely assumed, so I didn't want to suffer. But, we were friends.

One day, I had got to the party, and she went to the party. I believed that she didn´t fancy me but this night we kissed, since then we started talking for WhatsApp every day.

Someday after, I had to go retreat for four days. It was the spiritual retreat and this place I can to tell about my fear, I realized that I fancied the girl and that I wanted to be with her. So, when I came back she told me she was interested in me and I told her I felt the same way.

It was time to tell my mom that I considered myself a bisexual, so one day I told her that I met a girl, a beautiful girl that she was in love with her. My mom doesn´t accept it, she said to me " I am ashamed" "I don´t want to see you with her" and any more things.

To this day, my mom doesn´t accept but I´m on girlfriend with Abril although we have difficulty being together, we love each other.

My history doesn´t have such a happy ending but I still don´t finish and I hope that in the end, I can be happy with my girlfriend, I hope that the world will not discriminate the community LGBTQ+.

I leave you as coming out and I hope you will tell me yours.

Sorry for my English, my native language is Spanish.

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With love, Vivi