Hi so i have a bucketlist as everyone else, but this one is for the aesthetic. Soo let's go.

1. Get a tatoo

tattoo, heart, and jeans image

2. Learn sign language

sign language and ️bruh image

3. Cut my hair

hair, hairstyle, and purple image
I really like this colour and hairstyle.

4. See 7 wonders of world

Temporarily removed

5. Go skydiving

Temporarily removed

6. Graffiti

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

7. Playing in guitar

brown, guitar, and guitars image

8. Stargaze

Temporarily removed

9. See the northern lights

light, nature, and sky image

10. Play in piano

girl, luxury, and music image

11. Get a piercing

Temporarily removed

12. Dance in the rain

love, couple, and rain image

13. Ride an airballoon

Temporarily removed

I want to do those if I don't than I wont call my life finished. i hope you liked this article. I'm gonna post at least once a week.