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Hey, loves!
First the project was failure because I was really busy and it's really bad period to start right now. But I don't think that my problems are for here. I just wan to say that change isn't easy.
Okay, I know it's crisis but you could do anything with patience. Here are a couple things you can save up for:

1. A new cell phone

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I hate to change my phone but it's option if you want to do it.

2. Car

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3. Shopping

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Shopping is therapy. But instead of that you can go to some expensive restaurant.

4. Vacantion

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5. Your next birthday

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6. Christmas

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7. Hobby or practice some sport

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8. New room decor

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I have many candles if it counts haha

9. Books

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Books + candles = ♡

I'm here if you want to talk with someone about something or if you have any requests. Kisses for everyone!