Fourth semester on a stupid school!
Last week I moved to new city to student collage. This semester I and my best friend share small room with another girl. I had a little worry about how we will be able to understand together. But it is fain.

I was in collage two days and my healthy problems started again. Bad sleeping with nonsencial dreams, muscle weekness, dehydration, indigestion, dry skin and lip and the worst problem was stress and fear on practical exercises.

My body hate this student life. Just stress, starvation and no sleeping. Every minute I am surrounded people - in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the room, in the school...I haven't just one minute alone.

I was so naive, when I thought that I will go running or study on a park or something. But this city is very dirty and scary. Every day I meet with odd people who hang out outside.
I don't feel calmly and safe.

On Friday I can go home, but I spend four hours on the way. Sometimes it comes to me as an eternity.

And is my worts nightmare. But, I can't wake up... I'm living it.

I must find some positive thing! I hope, it will be okay.

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