Crisp air, crunchy leaves, and chunky sweaters; it’s the time of year whereas the trees shed their leaves and flowers die, the Earth seems to come alive with color. The smells of fall pumpkins, apples and cinnamon radiate throughout winter until it’s time for coconuts and mangos and sunshine once again. It’s also the time of year when sometimes all you want to do is snuggle up with someone you love and watch movies and talk and laugh together… and whether you have someone or not, it’s still a nice thought to have - dreaming of cozy days with someone next to you. Whether you’re in school looking forward to your next day off or heading out on a road trip with your friends, here some of my favorite fall go-to songs to get you in the spirit of the hand-holding season:

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1. Bonfire Heart - James Blunt
“Everybody wants a flame, but they don’t want to get burned…”

2. On the Loose - Niall Horan
“She loves nobody else but you; she’s on the loose.”

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3. Through The Dark - One Direction
“I will carry you over fire and water for your love…”

4. Nina - Ed Sheeran
“Love will come and love will go but you can make it on your own…”

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5. Want You Back - HAIM
“We were on one endless road, but I had a wandering heart.”

6. Wild Heart - Bleachers
“I will find any way to your wild heart.”

7. Wicked Game (Live at Kilkenny Arts Festival, Ireland/2011) - James Vincent McMorrow
“What a wicked thing to do - make me dream of you.”

This article was written by @stefaughnan on the We Heart It Writers Team