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"When you don't dress like everybody else, you don't have to think like everybody else."
~Iris Apfel
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Cardigan | White Jeans | Turtleneck Top | Boots | Dainty Jewelry | Purse
The soft beige & white gives an angelic, elegant touch to the look.You can layer a turtleneck top underneath in winter.
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Long Cardigan | Dress | Sneakers
A long cardigan has the elegance of a coat, just make sure to match the length of the dress or skirt you are wearing for a more balanced look.
➵ Layer, layer, layer!
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We all want to be able to rock our denim or leather jacket in winter.All you have to do is layer your chunky knit cardigan over your jacket.Throw on a scarf for some extra warmth and you will feel like you never left your precious blanket at home.
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Cardigan | White Tee | Skinny Jeans | Sneakers
On those days you wished you could bring your blanket at school, just throw on your cardigan.It feels pretty much the same xixi.
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Cardigan | Blouse | Trousers | Mules
Are you over wearing your blazer to work every single day?Change up things by replacing your blazer to a knitted cardigan.The cardigan adds a soft feminine element to the look.
➵ Jazz up your look!
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Play around with colors, prints, and materials.You will be surprised how good knits go with velvet, corduroy, leather, vinyl, fuzzy pieces.Give an edge to your look by going for fun prints and colors on your accessories!
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Cardigan | Knitted Skirt | T-shirt | Converse | Backpack
Knit on knit on knit, major autumn vibes, you feel me?
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Oversized Varsity Striped Cardigan | Top | Jogging Trousers | Socks | Vans | Zipper Belt Bag
"Rich kid, nerd, boring!" are the first things that come to mind!That's not how it is though.It's all about the fit of the cardigan and the way you style it.
➵ What color should I choose?
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◆ If you want to invest in a good quality cardigan that you can wear literally with everything then go for grey, white, beige or black.
◆ If you want to spice up your fall/winter wardrobe by adding some color to it then caramel, orange, burgundy, navy, brown, green, mustard is some good options.
◆ Lastly, spring is the perfect season to brighten up your wardrobe by going for pink, red or pastels.

That's it for today's article!I hope that you got some inspiration.I will make a series of "How to style" articles so feel free to message me or send me a postcard with your recommendations.It can be anything you feel troubled how to style such as a color, a clothing material, a statement piece or a specific trend!See ya soon cuties xixixi ❤

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