Hey! This article is about movies that I like/Movies to get you into the halloween spirit.

hocus pocus, Halloween, and Witches image hocus pocus, cat, and Halloween image
Hocus Pocus: It's a movie about witches who eat children to stay young.
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Jennifer's Body: I know it's not a halloween movie but she is a monster that eats boys.
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Monster House: A movie about a group of kids who witness a haunted house.
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Twilight: A movie about a vampire boy dating a human girl.
dark shadows, johnny depp, and movie image david bowie, alice cooper, and room image
Dark Shadows: Vampire man living with his family. (sorry I don't remember to much about this movie... I need to watch it again.)
carrie, Halloween, and spooky image carrie, 2013, and white image
Carrie: Goes to prom, gets blood poured on her and then kills a lot of people with her mind.

Thank you for reading. I hope you check out these movies! Bye.