playlist i listen to rn :)
link at the bottom

young - vacations

pink, car, and vintage image

mystery girl - housecall

girl, tumblr, and instagram image boy, boys, and girl image

today - omar apollo ft. teo halm

fish image fish, aesthetic, and water image

moving on - sarah and the sundays

Inspiring Image on We Heart It peachy image

you are going to hate this - the frights

black, teeth, and grunge image cool, grunge, and theme image

something to say - great gable
all day long - great gable

art, architectural, and lyon image theme, city, and tropical image

foreplay - jalen santoy

instrument, music, and musical image france, old, and outfit image

how you've been - caRter

Copyrighted image aesthetic, pink, and alternative image

the answer - big words

Image by lory girl, sea, and aesthetic image

demons - young lungs, cian p

pink, aesthetic, and girl image icon, korean, and tumblr image

bad - lennon stella
like everybody else - lennon stella

anime, aesthetic, and flowers image dark, hipster, and pale image

heady - reaper

Copyrighted image clouds, room, and white image

thanks for reading <3
here's the links to the playlists ( I didn't list all the songs in them btw)