Margaret McKinley (also called Margo) is a 16 year old who is smart and sneaky. She is a good girl in the eyes of the adults, but goes out of her way to be noticed any way she can.


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Margo has brown eyes and brown hair. She has a slim build and is overall very petite standing at 5'4" tall.


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Plaid, sweaters, and heeled booties make up the majority of Margo's wardrobe.


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Margret lives is the upstairs of an expensive 2 bedroom house with her mother and her twin sister. Her room looks like its a whole other place all together. She doesn't care for expensive decor like her mother, so she keeps her room minimalist.


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Margo is shy and doesn't open up easily. When she gets to know people she can be pretty sarcastic, but overall very sweet.


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Margo doesn't need to work, because of her mothers money, but she likes to get out of the house. She works at a thrift shop that is themed around the 60s and 70s.


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Margret has a fraternal twin named Dallas. Her mother, Abigail, is a rich business woman who rarely has time for her family. Her fathers absence and mothers business caused Dallas to act out, often leaving Margo alone at home with the cat (Mayhem) and the dog (Chaos).


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Margo spends most of her time reading while music plays from her record player. Sometimes she goes out on walks until deep in the night.