While I was out and feeling lonely, I bumped into Blue. She's definitely going to be my new best friend. I found out all about her. She's originally from England. We're both 17 years old. Her parents are strict Christians and when they found marijuana, MDMA, and bottles of vodka under her bed, they kicked her out of the house. She fled to Canada to live on her own a year ago. Turns out, she doesn't have a place to live still. She's not making enough money to afford an apartment. She's in luck because I asked her to move in with us. I'll take her shopping and she'll be the sister I never had.

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I don't plan on telling Cora just yet. Just like she didn't tell me Amber was moving in. Blue's a dark witch. We practiced some magic last night. I told her all about the crew and Cora's history. I told her about Juliet and Noah. I also told her about how we mess up the lives of those Cora does not approve of. She loves it. I'm going to get her into my school and we're going to mess with Juliet next. Last night we tried some magic and made Faith fall in love with Jasper. Blue went into his head and found out he doesn't like her more than a friend. We'll see where this goes.

She's staying in one of the guest rooms. The guest rooms are as nice as the rooms we stay in, but they're not as decorated. They have no personality. I told her she can decorate her room how she likes it though.