we all have a picture of ourselves in our head. it's painted by yourself, but everyone tells you what to draw. tells you who you are. how you are or how you should be, what you're doing wrong and what's good about you.
every mirror shows you a reflection that's supposed to be you.
we've seen our outside, we've heard about how other people perceive us. we know what happened to us because of our memories and we define ourselves by the thoughts we have.
this is who we are, isn't it?

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for a lot of young people this picture of themselves doesn't make any sense, it's distorted, blurry and constantly changing.
our self-perception is flawed.
the way we think we are is never the way we really are.
but it's funny because it doesn't matter.
all we will ever experience about life is just in our heads. we will never see ourselves from another persepective, never.
we are who we think we are.
we are what we feel.

sadly most people feel inferior, lost, unable to go after what they really want, unsure of what they even want because they have no idea who they are. but i'll tell you a secret.

life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself.
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you can do anything, you just have to want it, do it and keep at it!

sometimes it might seem like everything is so clear and obvious, everyone knows what's to do and all the information that is spreaded is the truth.

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it seems so simple, the good and the bad, the right and the wrong. and most people are sure that they can differ these two sides perfectly.
but that's just an illusion.
we, the humankind, know nothing for sure.
we have our senses and a brain and we try to make sense of what we have around us. but that's it, our perception is limited and our knowledge is just information that we figured out must be right with our cute little brains.

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there have been so many "truths"that have been disproved, facts that everyone believed in for a long time. but later we found out that we were wrong. it happens all the time, still today, every day and every second.
we don't know anything for sure.
we make theories that make sense to our logical intellect, we gather information and build a reasonable construct.
but anything that's easy is hardly ever true.

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maybe life is so way too complex for us to grasp that everything we believe is just an illusion.
maybe a simulation, maybe just hallucinating beings that emerged by chance and randomness, maybe we see almost clearly and just have struggle choosing the right options out of the many possible truths.
how would we know. we are trapped in ourselves.
which is totally not a bad thing. even though we have no idea what the reason and purpose of our existence might be, we can give ourselves a purpose!
we don't have to believe anything, we don't have to listen to what we are told. we aren't who we think we are, we are pure magic!

we will never understand this mystery of life in general.
but that doesn't matter. we can create our own purpose.
we are our own gods.
yes we are. we rule our minds and our whole reality is just in our heads. so it's up to us what we make out of it.
we can believe whatever we want to believe.
and we can be whoever we think we are.

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i just wanted to set you free from those boundaries that society presents you everyday.
no one understands life,
no one belongs here any more than you do
and - now listen - no one is worth more than you are.
we have structures where it seems very obvious what's good and bad. but you don't have to believe in it.
we all have this magical spark called life in us and as long as we are breathing we are a fucking miracle and we should never allow for this spark to be extinguished.

i know i said that we can never know for sure what's wrong and what's right, but i thought quite a lot about it. still i haven't come very far.
all i can say is:
as long as you protect life, you're good.
and if this life is your own life, that's enough.
we don't know what the "big plan" is or if there even is something greater or if we just exist because the universe has a weird sense of humour.
or if we maybe don't exist for any reason at all.

so screw everything you think you know and make a fresh start.
start with yourself.
that picture that you have of yoursefl, dump it. begin a new one.
and this time, listen to your heart.

xx, a random girl from the internet

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