Welcome to this new episode.
In here we will discuss the meaning of self-being and improvement. I wish best to you all.

As I said before, self-development is about sociology, psychology, and neuroscience. Today, I'll add a topic which has the most impact on our life: COMMUNICATION

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or a cure...

The power of Language

I suppose you all heard of the power of your thoughts (the law of attraction), and how much energy can radiate from them. If indeed, your thoughts create your future, then I wish to teach you the power of your words.

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your energy will overflow

Firstly first

Before getting into the topic. I must talk about how I ended up with this idea. Well, in the middle of every book and believe I could gather, one approach gave me the better understanding.

reference :

"The Message from Water: The Message from Water is Telling Us to Take a Look at Ourselves"
"The Miracle of Water" - by MASARU EMOTO

To be concise, he tells us that human consciousness has an effect on water, through several experiments.

For instance, he took a bottle of pure and clean water and placed it before a bunch of kids (kids are supposed to represent innocence and honesty). Then, he asked them to speak to the water and gave them words or sentences to tell. He always compared two opposite words.
The same group would repeatedly say: "I can do it" to one bottle, and "I can't do it" to another. Then EMOTO would crystallize the water.
He actually discovered that the first sentence would create a clean and "pretty" crystal. On the other hand, the second sentence had become torn and partially destroyed.

The way I see it is as follows: the human body is constituted of 60-65% of water; so the way we speak can have its first impact on the inside of our body. Our in-self is precious. It is a world only us can have access to, so only ourselves can change it for the better.

Nowadays, it is trending to take good care of our inside through healthy food. Indeed, whatever is put in our body is shown in the outside. Then, I must state that our words have the biggest effect.

So when we curse, say negative words or hopeless sentences, our inside crumbles.

But not just that,

For example, instead of saying: "Don't give up", say "Hang in there". Instead of "I'll try", say "I'll do". The fact is, by adding "give up" and "try", you suppose a negative effect. Rather, "to do" highlight the action, and whoever says action, suppose result. Last example, preferably of "you have nothing to loose", say "you have everything to win".

It is just a [ way of talking ]

...that has countless influences

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do it for yourself

I spoke about the way your words has an impact on yourself. Now, recognize that we live in a social world full of conversations. Therefore, others words have an impact on you.

Bulling, social media, gossips...
All of these create verbal abuse. It is a form of violence that has the highest influence on your mind. Accordingly, I suggest this: as many as bad words are given to you, give yourself twice the amount of good words.

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It is about consistency, so keep on telling good and positive words to see best results.

Equally, give your surroundings great and positive speech. Family, friends, relatives, neighbours... even strangers in the streets!
Words like: "have a good day" or "your hair is pretty" and "I believe in you", can add radiance to their energy.

Treasure yourself and others,

Heal your past with positive influence, have new perspectives. And always remember that you are your greatest influencer.

That's it for me!
Hopefully I taught you something new.

To be continued...

See you soon,
with gratitude and love.