I saw this many times now. I just love this challenge, so her I go...

Name : Melody
birth-month : April
birthstone : Blue topaz

hairstyle, bride, and fashion image Image by Fashion and beauty hair, blue, and girl image hair, pink, and makeup image
My hair : pastle colour curl hair
blue, stars, and eye image actress, makeup, and zendaya coleman image beautiful, lips, and shimmer image beauty, eyebrows, and eyeliner image
skin / face : glowing flawless skin, eyes with glitter, pink lips and perfect eyes
makeup, eyes, and nails image eyes, blue, and beauty image
eyes color : bluish eyes
light, ballet, and dance image girl, photography, and book image fashion, girl, and italy image bffs, lit, and goals image
Personality : i will dance, read, travel and spend time with mah friends
Image by ♡ K A T I A ♡ eyes, beauty, and crown image beauty and mermaid image crown, mermaid, and beauty image
crown : pink or off white crown
etsy, beach wedding, and bridal shoes image earrings, pink, and jewelry image necklace, fashion, and jewelry image nails, rings, and henna image
accessories : hippie chic ones
dress, fashion, and gold image Image by H. M. dress, fashion, and Prom image dress, fashion, and girl image
clothes: prom dresses
fashion, pink, and shiny image
My tail : pink glowing one
beach, holiday, and summer image beach, blue, and escape image beach, ocean, and summer image beach, beautiful, and nature image
where I live : blue ocean
breakfast, food, and fruit image ice cream, food, and summer image chocolate, food, and cake image drink, starbucks, and friends image
Favorite land food :pancake, ice - cream,cake and starbucks
Image by amad_4 fashion, adidas, and outfit image Beautiful Girls, body inspiration, and photography image nike, fashion, and shorts image adidas, airport, and clothes image fashion, inspiration, and outfits goals image
My style on land : simple and sweet
eiffel tower, girl, and goals image food, amsterdam, and city image london, travel, and photography image Greece, luxury, and photography image
Traveling : Paris, Netherlands, England and Greece

I hope you enjoyed this. I just thought that this was such a cute idea, so I tried my best and hope you find it interesting.