18 july 2018

okay. so i have this little crush on this guy. so, might as well write a blog style post here.

writing this sounds so high school, which i will be a senior in the fall, but i will be taking college classes my senior year. long story short, my school partners with a community college to help get a jump start on classes.

i should note that i am going to cosmetology school, so all the classes i am taking are strictly for credits.

this summer i wanted to get an english and p.e. credit out of the way. i am taking english 2 and tai chi. this crush is on someone in my tai chi class.

this class is 8 a.m. and the campus is downtown. i do not really live close to downtown, so the drive is not that great.

i was kind of dreading an 8 a.m. class, but that might've changed when i walked in on the first day.

have you ever heard, "don't date in high school! blah blah blah..."? i hear that all the time from my sister, who met her husband when they were in middle school (7th grade to be specific) and go married on their 7 year anniversary.

yes. seven fucking year anniversary of being together. so really, i don't want to listen to her. however, the guys at my school are either really fuckboi or incredibly awkward.

so, i did take my sister's advice. none of the guys at my school are my type, so it works out.

does that mean college is different?

eh. my first semester didn't have a lot of guys i was interested in. it's not liked i cared and it's not important.

skipping to the summer classes. i walked on friday at 8 a.m. to see a really muscular, tattooed, dark hair and blue eyes, bearded guy sitting there.

holy shit. alright, so i know a lot of people today love tattoos, but damn. tattoos are hella hot. extra points in my books if you have them.

my sister says i'm into "edgy" guys. which means in my school, guys who aren't Christian. most of them are clean cuts pieces of white bread. (i hope that doesn't sound bad. if you're Christian, great. i'm not. my family is, but i'm not)

anyways, god he's cute. i was trying not to stare and i felt incredibly awkward. we didn't have a lot of interaction until about three weeks ago.

that class, i was the only girl out of three guys. one of them being him. pretty much every class my professor introduces something new and wants use to practice with each other. most of the moves are kind of self-defense, but mostly how to yield.

cute guy and another guy were not there last class, and this other guy and i were there. so, my professor wanted us to do some show some moves to the others.

so, partner up! the other two quickly partnered up, so it was just me a cute guy.

he was so sweet and listened well. one point we had to look at each other and he had to say something and we were both trying not to laugh. i was trying not to smile that much.

but i was so happy. i can't stop smiling while typing this out.

the class continued and he stayed a bit close.

now, let's skip ahead to last week.

again, i was the only girl out of three guys. one of them being the cute guy. as per usual, we had to partner up. the two others got in partners quickly and he approached me.

of course, i felt a bit nervous and a bit excited. god, this sounds so high school.

so, one move was kind of a behind arm twist that made you go around the person who was attacking you. i don't really know how to describe it, nor did i know what i was doing.

well, he was going to do it on me.

note: he has been training for, i think, 14 years in martial arts and is very well built. he also does fights and he is in the military.

before he did the move he said, "don't worry. i'll be gentle."

i know that would be what anyone would say, but something just felt different. after he helped me through the moves, it was his turn.

he clearly knew what he was doing. after getting out of the behind pinned arm against the back, you spin around the person and wrap your arms around the attacker.

that is exactly what he did. we did that three times. i really don't know how to feel. i really hoped i wasn't blushing.

we did something other moves and at one point my shoulder popped. we both laughed.

after that, we took a quick break and we talked a bit. it wasn't long, but it was still nice.

he's just a really sweet guy and made sure i knew what i was doing.

of course, he is in a college class and could be much older than me. i know i'm eighteen and legal, but still. i like older guys, but it depends on the age.

well, thank you if you read all the way through. i know this was long, but i don't really have anyone to talk about it.

i kinda hate how high school i'm acting, but goddamn. i really like him, even though i don't really know him. (again, sooooo high school)

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