It's already mid July and for some reason I feel like I've wasted a large part of my summer so far It seems like almost everything I've done is work and sleep.

My summer goal is to go out more and to enjoy the beautiful hot weather that's been going around lately and to spend more time with my friends.

Things I want to do are:

Go to the beach

beach, friends, and fire image
I've never done a campfire at a beach and that's something I want to do one day.

Cottage trips

house, photography, and sun image
Our cottage trip last year was so relaxing and so much fun that it's definitely something I want to do again.


exercise, hiking, and nature image
My hike up Mont Royal on my Montreal weekend trip last week was exhausting since I haven't excercised in a while but the view was definitely worth it. Gotta go out and get more exercise in!

Dessert Time

banana, crepe, and dessert image
Last nights dessert was so delicious I've missed going out to grab sweets.

Board Game Nights

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I used to love board games night. I remember last summer when my friends and I spent every weekend playing until 5am, arguing about who were the evil people in Avalon. Sadly, everyone's been so busy that we've had trouble getting together to play board games.

Reading more books and using my bullet journal more actively

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Any good recommendations for me? It's been a while since I've found a good book and I could use some help.

Random Day Trips

backround, field of flowers, and floral image city, bus, and car image
There have been so many places I've wanted to go but have been too lazy to actually do. Kensington market, Lavender fields, Eatons Centre Shopping, AGO, ROM ......... the list goes on and on...

Trip Planning

pink, travel, and luggage image
A few more months to go until the big trip and I can't be any more excited! Time to finish booking and figuring out the details!