1) Record Lectures
2)Always. ALWAYS take notes & then revise.
3)Can't afford the fancy helpful sites? There is usually free tutoring at your campus. If not, then there are is still Khan and Youtube.
4) Take advantage of everything your university has to offer.
5) Study groups are a great way to learn from teaching and develop new learning skills.
6) WORKOUT. I know you heard this before but it really does help to keep you motivated.
7) Organization is key even control mayhem if it works for you. Know where everything at all times.
8) List or scheduled items help you stay on task on when something needs to be done and what you have accomplished and might still need to complete.
9) Quizzlet. Enough said. If it's not there, help your people and post what you can.
10) MAKE FRIENDS. It's a given but many refuse to still. Friends are here to help and make life easier and if they don't, then walk away.
11) Use music has lyrics you can't understand like a foreign song or instrumental music. (The Harry Potter soundtrack is my go-to)