I haven't posted in quite a while so sorry for the wait!

name - Nina
age - 19
zodiac - Scorpio

the reason I'm famous

hayley williams, paramore, and live image Marvel, nebula, and spiderman image band, concert, and pink image Marvel, Avengers, and captain america image
musician and actor. It's a reach I know.


bangs, hairstyle, and hair image eyes, beautiful, and eye image aesthetic, eyes, and freckles image lips, aesthetic, and tumblr image
I was leaning towards a white hairstyle but couldn't find anything so I'm stuck with this. Hazel eyes, freckles, and peachy plump lips :)))))


aesthetic, clothes, and vintage image fashion, grunge, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and clothing image
colorful some days, badass other days.

where I live

interior, home, and design image home, hammock, and boho image bedroom, decor, and design image style image
the uk

celebrity friends

finn wolfhard, finn, and stranger things image fashion, zendaya, and glow image vlog squad image tom holland, Marvel, and icon image