Hello everyone!

I came across this article and I had to do it! I changed a few that she had so I could have my own twist on the article.

so get to know me through the ABCs!

lets begin!

A - age


birthday, cake, and happy image

B - best feature

my eyes

blue, eyes, and colors image
lol yes this is my face, I get a lot of compliments on them :)

C - color


cactus, plants, and green image
green is my fav

D - dream


sea, travel, and city image moon, sky, and travel image fashion image place and travel image
traveling the world is something I have always wanted to do. I have only been out of the US once, but I was young and didn't appreciate it as much as I would now. I just got my passport and NEED to use it haha

E - everyday starts with...

going on my phone looking through my notifications and eating breakfast

Image by lushthetiic avocado, eggs, and toast image
love me some good avocado toast!

F - fears

snakes and clowns

(since I am terrified of them I am refusing to add pictures...sorry not sorry haha)

G - goals

I just accomplished one and that was graduating from college so next is to find a job!!

woman, quotes, and success image

H - height


boy, tall, and couple image
I mean I guess I am tall? I play volleyball so I am pretty short for a volleyball player haha

I - in love with...

marvel, disney, music, food & travel

lockscreen, Marvel, and spiderman image disney image music and tumblr image cheese, delicious, and food image

J - job

right now I want to work with a sports team

anaheim ducks, hockey, and nhl image angels, mvp, and all star game image
so my favorite to choose from (if I had the choice of course haha)

K - kids

again if I can choose I would want 1 boy and 1 girl. so 2 kids

beach, children, and swim image

L - last thing I ate

popcorn :)

haha and popcorn image
omg this is so cute

M - magic powers

I would love to be able to fly or have telekinesis

blue, angel, and girl image car, power, and art image

N - number of siblings

2 younger brothers

affection, brother, and photography image
it was hard to find a picture with a sister and two brothers haha

O - outfits

I really don't know my style. I guess since I am an athlete and from California I have a mix of sporty and beachy

fashion, nike, and clothes image fashion, girl, and style image

P - passions

sports, photography and sometimes I like to sketch and draw, and I love to explore aka traveling, hiking, etc.

volleyball, beach, and summer image canon, camera, and photography image black and white, drawing, and hand image adventure, forest, and summer image

Q - questions people ask you

people never believe that I am 22 lol they always think I am the youngest in my family so I get "you're not in high school?" or "what high school do you go to?" I have a young looking face so it makes sense

abstract, Darkness, and grunge image

R - resons to smile

sunsets and friends & family

summer, sunset, and beach image Image by Anonima_BlackyC

S - sexuality


couple, smile, and goals image couple, love, and goals image

T - travel recently

I actually just drove back from Phoenix yesterday haha we went to the Grand Canyon and was there for my brothers volleyball tournament

girl, adventure, and nature image

U - underwear color

pink haha

pink, surf, and summer image

V - vacation

I would love to go to Greece and Italy

girl, summer, and adidas image travel, city, and venice image

W - worst habit

I bite my nails when I am nervous and I also crack my knuckles a lot...

tumblr image bad, black, and bruises image

X - X-rays?

I sprained my ankle once and had braces which they take x-rays for...boo

foot, old, and instagram image Temporarily removed

Y - your favorite thing to do

blasting music in the car and floating in water

friends, girl, and car image girl, water, and sea image

Z - zodiac sign


taurus, article, and sign image

thank you for taking the time to read this! hope you enjoyed!

let me know if you want to do a certain tag! I am open to more ideas!!