Okay, I've done "French love songs", "Beautiful french songs" & "French parody" playlist and all I can remember is that I didn't talk about recent french songs ! So here are my fav ! (it's song in french but not french singer)

There is different type of music so don't stop at the first one and keep discover songs !

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  • Pomme - à peu près
  • Angèle - La thune
  • L.E.J - Acrobates
  • Lorenzo ft. Vald - Bizarre
  • Thérapie taxi - Le lion est mort ce soir
  • Roméo Elvis x Le Motel - J’ai vu ft. Angèle
  • Hoshi - Ta marinière
  • VSO - Où on va ft. La Yegros
  • Maxenss & VSO - À ma place
  • Bigflo & Oli - Papa
  • OrelSan - La pluie (feat. Stromae)

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