This is a challenge that someone has created and I'm not 100% sure who created it but credits go out to them.

My Personality

I like to have meaningful and deep conversations with people. I have deep thoughts about things and I do a lot of research on the things that I think about. I dislike small talk and when there is multiple loud noises at once. It'll drive me crazy. I feel that I am a genuine and charismatic person and I know what I want and I know that I have to work for it.

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My Style

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I wear a lot of darker colors, even in the summertime. Black, grey, brown, maroon, and olive green are some of the colors that I wear the most. Every once in a while I'll wear pink or a bright blue. I like to wear jeans and shorts. Occasionally are romper or dress.


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Coffee, water, and smoothies are what I drink the most. My Starbucks order is either an iced vanilla latte when soy or almond milk, or a passion fruit iced tea. For food I like Mexican and Italian cuisine.


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My favorite movies include Lion King, The Basketball Diaries, and What's eating Gilbert Grape.


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write a story, pass 1 semester with A's and B's, Find a job


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My passion is life is helping people. When school starts back up again is when I'm going to be going to a vocational school for medical assisting and I hope to go to college for the same thing so I can become a nurse and help other that way.