10 songs that put me in the a summer mood
Not specifically summer related (only a few)

Summertime Sadness
-Lana Del Rey

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10,000 Emerald Pools

pink and pool image

-Her (feat. AnnenMayKantereit and Roméo Elvis)

b&w, black and white, and folk image

Teen Idle
-Marina and the Diamonds

bikini, red, and legs image

La pluie
-Orelsan (feat. Stromae)

nature image

-Charlotte Cardin

girl, sea, and summer image

Cringe (stripped)
-Matt Maeson

beach, casual, and girl image

High by the Beach
-Lana Del Rey

sky, summer, and clouds image

Over Now
-Post Malone

girl, aesthetic, and car image

-Pearl Jam

Image by marie m.