I think most of us loves when you get a really high grade on your exam, so today I'm going to show you some tips to feel this happiness more often. Disclaimer:Not everyone works the same, some of these might help you and some of them may not.

PS:These are not my ideas, so Shoutout to the owner of these ideas.

  • Study 45 minutes WITHOUT DISTRACTIONS and rest 15 minutes and go back to work
  • Don't listen to music or listen to instrumental music
  • Highlight the most important things
  • Chew gum!
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  • Search for youtube videos if you don't understand something
  • Search for online quizzes
  • Once you finish studying act as if you were the teacher and explain the subject to your imaginary students
  • Sleep to be more focused!
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Thanks for reading guys and hope this tips are useful!