Repeat after me:

I am beautiful.
I am strong.
I am smart.

No body deserves to feel like they do not belong or they need to change themselves to fit in. The only way for us to not make people feel like that is to spread love, yes its hard because how is it going to work if there will always be that one person who brings people down, because of course it takes one person to say one thing that hurts, to bring down people.

That is why we all need to spread and share the word. I need you to give as much compliments as possible. I'm inspired and motivated to do this because I have a friend who needs love, she needs to know that she matters. Her problems made me realise that there many, many people like her out there and that to me is a HUGE problem. So please lets do this; for the LGBTQ+ people, the people going through mental illnesses, the people who are treated like they are inferior beings, the whole damn human race... Its about time we stood together!