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My exam month at university is finally over, and I'm ready to start writing a bunch of articles on WHI again. Today's article will include a few general tips on studying, but also what studying method to use if you need to study something specific as names or dates.

Now, lets get started!

1 | mindmaps

If the course you're studying includes a lot of little chapters or topics, this might be handy to use. I'll give you some examples!

- philosophy in which you have to remember a lot of names of famous philosophers and their vision/opninion

- history in which you have to remember a lot of events and dates

- biology in which you have to remember a lot of systems

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2 | the app quizlet

I honestly wasn't a big fan of it until this year. In one of my psychology classes I learned that testing yourself on your knowledge is the most effective way to remember something, and this app helps you with that.

You can make study-sets, and then choose in which way you want to be tested on it (just the basic learning routine, combining cards, writing/typing, giving yourself an actual test, and so on).

Plus, you can actually find a lot of quizlet tests by other users on it, and those might include one of your exact courses. For example, I had to read a book for philosophy and I found questions on it for every chapter I had to study.

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3 | making cards

If you're not a fan of testing yourself on an app, you can always try making cards yourself. I'll give you some examples for which these are extremely handy to use.

- languages in which you need to study words or certain grammar rules

- history in which you need to study dates

- social psychology in which you need to learn a lot of experiments

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4 | short summaries

And then I mean really short. These are for people who have to study 300 to 500 pages and need a summary that includes the general topics and most important definitions/names to reverse in the morning before you go to an exam. I'll give you some tips to make one!

- use the titles and subtitles of your book/course/class

- only include the most important names and definitions

- keep it short, or try to even write things down in your own words

- only highlight the stuff you had a hard time studying/remembering

- always include dates, centuries or a timeline if you have any

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5 | videos

This sadly doesn't work for every course, but for some, they have truly helped me out a lot! I'll give you some examples.

- biology: the amoeba sisters on youtube have videos about meiosis and mitosis, dna, rna, mutations, and so on

- sociology: the school of life on youtube have videos about max weber, captitalism, karl marx and so on

- physics: crash course on youtube have videos about motion, integrals, newton and so on

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6 | planning

This semester I didn't really have the time to plan a lot, and I was kind of thrown into my exams. But even though you don't have the time to plan a lot, make time for it. I'll give you some tips on how to do this.

- write everything you have to do down (courses, books, chapters and so on)

- you don't have to make a timetable if you don't want to, but having an overview of the stuff you have to do and how many days time you have to learn them, will reduce the stress and the chaos in your head

- you don't have to write an actual planning of your day/week/time down either, but having an idea of what's your goal for the day and when you are going to take some time for yourself is important (make a planning in your thoughts)

- if you're stressing too much, writing down to-do's will help you (crossing them out when they're done will make you feel relieved)

- having an agenda or bullet journal is always handy to actually make a planning if you have more time to do so

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Thank you for reading! Love, Paulien.


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