Hey Guyyys <3
The last summers I always was lazy, so this summer I want to do some fun stuff with my besti Emi!
I hope this will be one of the best summers of my life!

♥My Summer-Bucket-List♥

1) go camping
2) watch the sunrise and the sunset
3) find a boyfriend (lmao single for life)
4) dance in the rain
5) go to a Flowerfield
6) find new Friends (because I don´t have Friends LOL)
7) take the dog out from my neighbor ( she´s the cutest)
8) go to a Waterpark
9) learn French and I´m going to learn Emi Spanish
10) go at midnight to Mc´
I´m so so so excidet. I literally have one week left and then I´m on summerbreak. Yeahhhh!
ok bye <3
If you want to be Friends, DM me Lol <3