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I haven't done articles in a while (not really maybe a week or two) but here I am with a tag that I thought it was really funny and cute to do.
If you didn't know already i'm a huge fan of Ariana Grande and yeah that's all the explanation let's begin the tag.

I got most of the question from this article

1. From what source did you first hear about Ariana?

From victorious when I was a kid that was one of my favorites tv shows and I remember that Cat was so funny.

ariana grande, victorious, and cat valentine image

2. In what social media you are the more active on the fandom?

Twitter and Instagram

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3. What was the first song you heard from Ariana?

The way

music video, the way, and ariana grande image ariana grande and the way image

4. Top ten songs she has produced

The're not in order
1. Why Try
2. Honeymoon Avenue
3. Sometimes
4. December
5. Piano
6. Be My Baby
7. No tears left to cry
8. Knew Better/ Forever Boy
9. Touch It
10. Lovin’ It

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5. What's your favorite cover she's done?

Die in Your Arms by Justin Bieber

ariana grande, ariana, and sweetener image ariana grande, arianagrande, and ag4 image

6. What is your favorite thing about the fandom?

That we are so supportive with each other and no matter what we are always there for Ariana.

ariana grande, fan, and icon image icon, ariana grande, and ari image

7. What's your favorite thing about Ariana?

Besides her voice? Like everything but one thing I love the most is the way she stand for the things she believe and doesn't give a fuck the opinion of others. She is alwayas telling us that we should spread love and kindnes everywhere.

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8. With who do you shipp her?

I used to shipp her with Mac and Ricky but I'm starting to really love her with Pete i mean they look so cute together and she seems so happy. Can you believe Ariana is engaged? that's crazy

ariana grande, pete davidson, and couple image ariana grande, pete davidson, and harry potter image

9. What is your favorite fetus look?

Two favorites

ariana grande image ariana grande, pink, and dress image

10. Favorite Honeymoon Tour outfit

2015, ariana grande, and the honeymoon tour image ariana grande and honeymoon tour image

11. Favorite Dangerous Woman Tour outfit

ariana grande, dangerous woman tour, and dangerous woman image ariana grande image

12. Favorite Cat quote

funny, gif, and victorious image

13. Do you went to any concert of Ariana?

Yes! I went to the honeymoon tour and the dangerous woman tour in Mexico city

mexico, three days, and the honeymoon tour image ariana grande, dangerous woman tour, and méxico image

14. Favorite unreleased song

Nobody Does It Better

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15. Favorite era

Dangerous Woman obviously

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16. When you became an arianator?

August 1st 2013

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