Finally paint a picture.

I have an easel that my friend presented me on my birthday. It was 5 month ago but I still didn’t draw anything. I’m not good at painting but I want to do something abstractive like this. I hope YouTube will help me).

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Blood test.
About 2 month ago I got acute inflammation of kidneys. It was very unexpected and honestly really painful. Now everything is ok but I feel like this inflammation still in my body and bad cells may be in any organs. I hate hospitals but I think I should better finally do FULL blood test to know everything about my body.
P S: if you have a flu please cure it till the end or then you may have some complications like me.

Image by 에리카 ♡ grunge, pale, and white image

Read 3 books.

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Find a way to get money.
Because I can’t find a job on my profession in Belarus about 1 year. So I hope may be this summer it will finally happen (but if you need a cool video write me 😉)

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Finish my room.
Because we have a repair in our flat.

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Try to get a polish card.
Because when you’re Belarusian you should pay a lot of money only to get a visa for a short time to travel to Europe. But if you have some Poland relatives and can prove it you may get some bonuses (like free visa).

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Finally fix up my laptop.
Because a few weeks ago I spill some beer on it

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Film a music video.
Because I study on film director and don’t have a job and will have some free time. And I have a friend who wants to become a rapper so why not?

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Go to my grandpa’s home.
Because he has a lonely house at the border between Belarus and Russia (on the Russian territory) and I like being there, on wild nature.

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Go to my boyfriend’s parents village.
Because they invited me)

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Go visit my grandma.
She has a flat in the same city (Minsk), but after parents got divorced we see each other like one time in a year.

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Spent a lot of good time and money at Ukrainian’s bars.
Because now I don’t have a job so it means that I don’t have a lot of money. Ukrainian is our neighbor and it’s pretty cheap and very beautiful country by the way. So I will go with my boyfriend and our two friends (and of course I’m the only girl and I should plan everything). We don’t need visa to travel there so it’s going to be amazing. I hope)

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Have a great summer and don`t waste your time!