Author: Jason Reynolds
Rating: 5/5

13, elevator, and hotel image aesthetic, details, and grain image

This is one of the best Books, I've ever read.
It's deep and it's something, that we can't talk good. Gun violence is a problem in the USA. There are school shootings. That shouldn't be. Why? Why can everybody have a gun? Even those with a mental illness.
I thought, it's pretty cool, that Jason Reynolds wrote it in lyrics. I think, it makes the book even greater. And it's such an unique idea.
It also shows, that revenge is a circulation, because it will never end. There will always be someone, who wants revenge. And it won't help, if you're going to shoot somebody, who killed somebody you loved. It won't make you any better than that person.

I've never been
in an earthquake.
Don't know if this was
even close to how they
are, but the ground
definitely felt like
it opened up
and ate me.

In case you ain't know
gunshots make everybody
deaf and blind especially
when they make somebody
Best to become invisible
in times like these.
Everybody knows that.
Even Tony flew away.

I wish you a good day