All I hear is the crashing of the waves

They pull me in

Something to take my mind off of the silence that suffocates me

To feel like I'm drowning, while I'm not even in the water

To see everyone afloat breathing, swimming

and not being able to have the strength in me to keep floating, to breath

wanting to stop

the tiredness enveloping me

I hear the lullaby of the sirens

it's hard not to listen to their tempting voice

telling me what to do, what I should do

But we all know, Sirens are the Devil's messengers

The temptation is too strong

they take over my conscious



wanting me to give in

telling me, "you have no one, why not let me take care of you, help you?"

Should I listen?

Should I give in?

every time I see them I lose my mind

every time I hear them I want to cry

they won't leave

they are everywhere

and the day will come when you're next

when they will feed on your soul

to stay beautiful, powerful

they need the souls of the good

for should you see them cover your eyes and ears

they will invade your senses and dive into your depths

they will swim in your pain

and soon your desert of pain will turn into the Mariana trench