❁Miembro favorito de la banda


niall horan, niall, and one direction image niall horan and one direction image

❁Primera canción que escuchastes

More than this

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❁Canción favorita


happily, 歌詞, and ことば image Image by arzu

❁Cover favorito

Use Somebody- Kings of leon

❁Álbum favorito

Midnight Memories

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❁Canción favorita de Up All Night


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❁Canción favorita de T.M.H

Summer love

1d, one direction lyrics, and 1d lyrics image

❁Canción favorita de Midnight Memories

Little black dress

1d, one direction lyrics, and 1d lyrics image black, Lyrics, and lockscreen image

❁Canción favorita de FOUR

Ready to run

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❁Canción favorita de M.I.T.A.M


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❁Video musical favorito

Live while were young

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❁Has estado en un concierto

No :´(

❁ship favorito

larry & zyam

Harry Styles, larry, and louis tomlinson image one direction, liam payne, and zayn malik image

❁Era favorita

❁Canción favorita de Harry en soliario

From the dining table

Lyrics, Harry Styles, and one direction image quotes, Harry Styles, and harry image

❁Canción favorita de Liam en solitario

Strip that down

liam payne, strip that down, and lockscreen image liam payne, payne, and liam image

❁Canción favorita de zayn


Lyrics, solo, and tio image zayn malik, zayn, and one direction image

❁Canción favorita de Niall en solitario


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❁Canción favorita de Louis en solitario

Miss you

Image by bluegreeen118 louis, wallpaper, and miss you image