Don't be sad, okay? You're a strong man, and I believe in you. If you are very lonely or something does not work, mentally call me. I will try to help you, even if not physically, but mentally. I'm sure a man who will not give up in a difficult moment. Think of me.
Now try to rate your grief on a ten-point scale? Please be honest with yourself and with me. OK?
Since I don't know your situation, I just wanted to give you a hug if you're sad.

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For example, you broke up with your soul mate, you really loved her, but it was so in life that you had to leave. Is it sad? I realize I came across this. It's unbearably painful the first time. There are thoughts that no one wants you, suicidal thoughts, etc. is not necessary. The thing is, if this man left you, he didn't love you, did he? And why you need someone who doesn't love. He came and gave you some experience. Valuable experience that will come in handy in the future and you will be smarter.

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For example, you have someone died. It's terrible, I agree. Especially if that person was very dear to you. I came across that too. But I also had to go through it. Not immediately, of course, but in time you will get used to the idea that this person is no longer there. Of course, not until the end. There will be a terrible pain in the chest area. It will be difficult and you will remember this man all his life and long for the soul. Remember, I'm here. You wanna cry? Cry! That helps a little.

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For example, you are teased at school. Don't believe me, but I had to deal with it. Nobody loved me, and everyone laughed, did not want to be friends and communicate. These were difficult times. Being where you don't like is horrible. But no worries. You're strong! I'll help. Try not to pay attention. Of course you want to scream, cry, beat or something. Not worth. The less you pay attention, the less they are less interested in teasing you.

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Remember, I'll be with you in any situation. I'm your friend. I'm not replacing you with another man. I'll be there in a hard time. The main thing, please, to be stronger than this life, it is not always fair, not sadness. I promise something very good will happen to you soon.

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